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We don't call them nut & bolt restorations for no reason. Even the smallest details matter when resurrecting a classic Japanese motorcycle and that's why we offer only the very best hardware available. If I wouldn't have it on my personal bikes, I wouldn't sell it to you.

Our BRIGHT PLATED JIS screws are second to none. Every JIS screw we carry is made in Japan to the exact dimensions of the OEM parts Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha supplied on their motorcycles. Screws included in our kits are the the right screws, period. We know you don't cut any corners on your carburetor rebuilds and motorcycle restorations so we wont either.

Join some of the best restorers and rebuilders in the world and use our screws on your next high quality restoration!

Our Screws are:

screw head quality comparison
Screw Head Comparison - Click to enlarge.
thread quality comparison
Screw Thread Comparison - Click to enlarge.

What makes them so good?

Take a look at the comparison photos above. Our screws are in the leftmost position in each. You will immediately notice that they just look better than the others. The color and luster of the bright plating will be right at home amongst your freshly polished engine and restored carburetors. They are made in Japan and finished to exacting quality specifications and conform EXACTLY to all applicable JIS standards. These are not reproductions made to look the part, they are the genuine article.

In the middle is a screw that was purchased from a large aftermarket carb kit manufacturer. You know which one I'm talking about. They aren't terrible, but they arent great either especially considering the lack of available sizes and how expensive they are!

Now look at the rightmost example in each photo. This screw was purchased from a popular internet supply house that "specializes" in motorcycle hardware. To put it politely, they are "incorrect." You'll notice the head is missing the characteristic dot that is on the heads of some sizes of Japanese Industrial Standard screws and the captive lock washer is considerably thinner than the others. Once the photos are enlarged you will also notice that the head is a slightly different shape than the others. The threads themselves have an almost gritty texture that can be felt when screwing them into a threaded hole. These are of course NOT made in Japan but rather another country known for low prices rather than high quality.

MARCH 2021