How are your carburetor kits different from others?

Most "carb kits" are a bag of unneeded brass parts of dubious quality with misfit o rings and gaskets to fit a variety of models.  Our carburetor restoration kits are thoughtfully curated to include everything you need for your specific application.  We include the best parts from a host of manufacturers to ensure everything you install is the best available, paying special attention to sourcing products from countries with strong reputations for high quality manufacturing like Japan and the United States of America.  We also use the kits ourselves so we KNOW they're the best!


Why don't you stock the same generic parts that other sites do?

We know that customers restoring high value Japanese motorcycles want the best parts and don't want to sift through 1,500 different generic mufflers, helmets and butt connectors to find them.  We won't bog you down with garbage.


When will my order ship?

In stock items ship the next business day unless otherwise noted.  Back order items and custom parts ship as soon as they are available.


How can I get help with your products?

Use our Contact Us form and we will get back to you ASAP.