Collection: JIS Screwdrivers

Check out our JIS Screwdriver Collection, where precision meets perfection. Elevate your tool arsenal with our curated selection of Vessel JIS screwdrivers and bits, designed to meet the exacting standards of the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). Crafted in Japan, our screwdriver bits showcase the epitome of quality and precision, ensuring that you have the right tools for maintaining and restoring your vintage Japanese motorcycle.

Vessel JIS Screwdrivers:
Discover the pinnacle of craftsmanship with our Vessel JIS Screwdrivers. Renowned for their superior design and functionality, Vessel tools are trusted by professionals worldwide. Our collection includes a range of sizes, including #1 JIS, #2 JIS and #3 JIS, allowing you to tackle a variety of tasks with ease. Each Vessel JIS Screwdriver is meticulously crafted to meet the demanding requirements of Japanese Industrial Standard screws, ensuring a perfect fit every time.

Vessel JIS Bits:
Use your favorite ratcheting screwdrivers from Snap-On, Mac, Matco and more with our Vessel JIS Bits. These precision-engineered bits are crafted with the same dedication to quality as our screwdrivers. The bits are available in various sizes, including #1 JIS, #2 JIS, and #3 JIS, providing versatility for different applications. Whether you're a professional motorcycle restorer or a DIY enthusiast, our Vessel JIS Bits are the ideal companions for your projects.  We even have Vessel JIS impact bits that work with your cordless impact drivers from Dewalt, Makita, Milwaukee and more as well as handheld impact drivers.

Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS):
Our JIS Screwdrivers and JIS standard screwdriver bits are produced to the Japanese Industrial Standard, a benchmark for precision and compatibility with screws found on Japanese products. JIS defines the specifications for screw heads and drivers, ensuring optimal engagement and torque transmission. With our JIS screwdrivers and bits, you can be confident that you're using tools that adhere to this rigorous standard, providing a seamless and efficient tool for restoring vintage motorcycles.

Made in Japan Excellence:
We take pride in offering tools that embody the craftsmanship and innovation synonymous with Japanese manufacturing. Our Vessel JIS Screwdrivers and Bits are made in Japan, adhering to strict quality control measures to guarantee performance, durability, and longevity. When you choose tools from KM Carburetor, you're investing in the expertise of Japanese engineering.

JIS Screwdrivers for Japanese Standard Screws:
The days of stripping old Japanese standard screws are over with our dedicated JIS Screwdrivers. These tools are specifically designed to engage seamlessly with JIS screws, minimizing the risk of slippage and damage. Upgrade your toolkit with precision and ensure that your screws are tightened with accuracy.

Effortless JIS Screw Bit Compatibility:
Our JIS Bits are engineered to perfection, providing seamless compatibility with a range of screwdrivers. Whether you prefer the ergonomic design of Vessel screwdrivers or other compatible handles, our JIS Bits ensure a secure fit and efficient torque transmission.

In summary, our JIS Screwdriver Collection offers a comprehensive solution for those who demand excellence in their tools. Explore the precision of Vessel JIS Screwdrivers and Bits, adhere to the Japanese Industrial Standard, and experience the difference that quality craftsmanship can make in your projects.