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1980 Honda CBX Clutch Damper and Bolt Kit - 9 Dampers & 9 Bolts

1980 Honda CBX Clutch Damper and Bolt Kit - 9 Dampers & 9 Bolts

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Clutch damper kit for 1980 Honda CBX Clutches with 9 rubber biscuits.

Exclusive to KM Carburetor - Our clutch damper kits are the best in the world AND the easiest to install!  Other available kits come with dubious quality bolts of unknown origin that require grinding/machining after installation to clear the oil shield. The bolts in our kit match the dimensions of the factory rivets that Honda used which means they do not require any grinding or other finishing work.  They can also be easily removed later if required since you are not required to destroy the hex socket during installation. 

This kit includes:

  • 9 Rubber Clutch Dampers - Made in Europe
  • 9 Special Low Profile, High Strength Bolts - Made in Japan

This kit is one step in eliminating rattle sounds from your CBX engine.  You must also check the synchronization of your carburetors and ensure your primary drive dampers are in good condition as well.  Primary drive dampers can be found here.


Clutch damper kits for 1979 CBX Clutches can be found here.



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