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KM Carburetor

Honda CBX Complete Carburetor Screw Kit - Bright Plated

Honda CBX Complete Carburetor Screw Kit - Bright Plated

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Every JIS screw you need to complete your show quality Honda CBX restoration!  Exactly like OEM in fit and dimension.  These Bright, yellow and black plated JIS spec screws are manufactured in Japan by some of the same companies that supply the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers.  Rest assured these are not copies or reproductions, but actual JIS spec fasteners made to the same tolerances and dimensions as the originals. 

Includes 115+ pieces:

  • Float Bowl Screws
  • Top Cover Screws
  • Air Cut Cover Screws
  • Accelerator Pump Cover Screws
  • Air Jet Cover Screws
  • Choke Cable Clamp Screw
  • Top Bracket Screws
  • Bottom Bracket Screws
  • Idle Adjust Bracket Screws
  • Choke Plate Screws
  • Throttle Plate Screws (Yellow Plated)
  • Air Box to Carburetor Clamp Screws (Black Plated)
  • Carburetor to Cylinder Head Clamp Screws (Black Plated)
  • FREE Vessel #2 & #3 JIS Screwdriver Bits

Some other companies offer cheap reproductions with thinner lock washers, malformed threads and inferior plating.  Get the real deal from KM Carburetor!

Also available in zinc plating for an exact OEM color match.


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