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KM Carburetor

Honda CBX Carburetor Kit - Level 2

Honda CBX Carburetor Kit - Level 2

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All of the essentials PLUS a complete JIS screw kit for a nice restoration of your Honda CBX carburetors. Don't let the low price fool you, this kit contains the same high quality parts used in our ultimate kit that are trusted by some of the worlds top carburetor restorers.


  • All Viton O-Rings needed for a full rebuild
  • Complete JIS screw kit - includes float bowl screws, bracket screws, choke plate screws, throttle plate screws, etc. All made in Japan - exactly like OEM
  • Vessel JIS driver bits - #2 & #3 - Made in Japan
  • Sync adjuster nuts and washers - Made in Japan
  • Viton float bowl gaskets - Made in Japan
  • Viton fuel passage plugs - Made in Japan
  • Viton Accelerator pump diaphragm and associated hardware - Made in Japan
  • Air cut valve - Made in Japan
  • Black shrink tube for idle adjust flex shaft - Made in Japan

We also offer OEM main & mid jets, made in Japan reproduction press fit slow jets, made in USA engine gaskets and more!


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