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Kawasaki Z1 Engine Cover Screw kit - Bright Plated

Kawasaki Z1 Engine Cover Screw kit - Bright Plated

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This 45 piece kit is comprised of brand new Japanese made JIS spec pan head screws and hex bolts that match the factory part dimensions exactly.  If the parts diagram calls for 12mm length, we include 12mm long screws. Not 10mm or 15mm.

These bright plated screws offer a more polished look and increased corrosion resistance as compared to the stock zinc plated screws.

Includes screws for:

  • Clutch Cover
  • Kick Start Cover
  • Points Cover
  • Points Housing
  • Generator Cover
  • Oil Pump Cover
  • Tachometer Drive
  • Carburetor Holders
  • Oil Pressure Switch

This kit will also fit KZ900 and KZ1000 models, however this kit includes JIS pan head screws for the oil pressure switch that are correct for the 1973-1975 Z1.  The KZ900 and KZ1000 used hex head bolts in this area.


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